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Best desserts your mouth has ever tasted!

We offer a variety of our bespoke hand made cakes, doughnuts and plenty of delicious treats!

Take your pick of from our selection of flavors and designs!

Whether you're thinking of a gift for that special someone, or just want to treat yourself, or organizing an event - we are here to sweeten your needs!

Make your special event even more special!

Event Cakes

Christmas Cake

A beautiful festive white chocolate Cake is a perfect gift, centerpiece or a nice treat for yourself! The cake is topped with white chocolate and vanilla buttercream icing with the Victoria sponge center.

Deluxe Hazlenut Cake

If you like hazelnuts and Nutella then this cake is for you and your guests! A mouth-watering chocolate sponge cake with a Nutella buttercream center topped with Hazlenut Nutella chocolate balls! We have left some of the choco balls wrapped to give off a luxury design! This is one of our top offers and a very popular gift for anyone!

Birthday Peanut Butter Cake

Here is the perfect cake for you Peanut Butter enthusiasts! We have created a rich smooth peanut butter flavor chocolate sponge cake topped with a variety of colorful Peanut butter chocolates!

Multicolored Cakes

The Unicorn Cake

We are proud to introduce our magical unicorn cake! This is topped with unicorn spirals and colorful toppings. The sponge of the cake is multicolored to go with the unicorn theme. Perfect for children and those who adore unicorns as we do!

Rainbow Cake

A stunning layered rainbow cake design with the traditional victoria sponge finished with multicolored sprinkles. The cake is finished with attractive jelly sweets and colored stars. All the toppings can be customized and easily replaced with your desirable ones per your request.

The Chocolate Rainbow Cake

A nice chocolate layered rainbow cake design with chocolate icing and a chocolate fudge topping. The cake is finished with some multicolored sprinkles and rainbow sweets.

Fruity Cakes

Chocolate Orange Cake

The chocolate orange cake comes with milk chocolate and chocolate orange buttercream center topped with pieces of chocolate orange chocolates!

Strawberry Cake

A strawberry and white chocolate cake that stands out from the rest! A victoria sponge cake with a strawberry jam center topped off with jam flavor biscuits. This not only looks good but tastes even better!

Raspberry Cake

If you are white chocolate and raspberry enthusiast then this is the cake for you! A smooth white chocolate filling on a victoria sponge cake topped with chocolate truffles, fresh raspberries, and raspberry jam.

About Us


Marie Garfield,

an experienced pastrey chef in Avamod Cuisine

We are a team of passionate sweet enthusiasts with professional skills offering you a wide selection of cakes, buns, doughnuts, cake pops and other desserts to treat yourself or someone special for you.
We do delivery and are ready to sweeten your special event or holiday party. To ensure you receive your cake fresh, all of our orders are delivered the next day.
Every cake is delivered in a strong corrugated cardboard box to ensure your cake is safe when received.


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